Saturday, June 4, 2016

Weekly MCU Review for 6/4

Another week, and more MCU news!  Again there isn’t a ton of news, though X-Men: Apocalypse came out last weekend and TMNT 2: Out of the Shadows is coming out this weekend.  Put some ketchup on your eggs, and catch-up on your Marvel news!

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First up, continuing our review series on Daredevil season 2, is “The Man in the Box,” episode 10.  What’s your favorite part of Daredevil up to this point?

This summer I will go back and review all the MCU movies, starting with Iron Man.  Which movie are you most looking forward to reading about?

Finally, the next in my series following up on the characters in Captain America: Civil War.  This time, we’re talking about Captain America’s shield.  What do you think will happen with it in Phase 3?

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So the rumor this week is that Brie Larson is the “top contender” to play Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel in the MCU.  She’s a young, rising star in Hollywood, so this looks like a great casting.  The only downside I can see is just how hard it will be to avoid making cheesy comments about her!  [ducks]  Do you like this casting rumor?

Here’s some good news:  According to Joe Quesada, Marvel has the rights back to Namor!  He’s been wrong about this in the past, but hopefully he’s right this time.  Would you like to see a Namor the Sub-Mariner movie in Phase 4?  Perhaps a cameo in Avengers: Infinity War?

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FOX has really got to be having a hard time breathing, considering how deep they’ve stuck their collective heads in the sand regarding Fant4stic’s epic meltdown.  Simon Kinberg has some good insight into why it failed—insight which should be obvious to anyone with a passing understanding of the Fantastic Four!  In essence, he says that the movie was too dark and brooding for a bunch of royal-blue-Spandex-clad superheroes with weird powers and corny catchprases.  Two words:  no, duh.  However, according to Kinberg, FOX still has the Fantastic Four as “a big part of the plan going forward.”  Two words:  NO WAY.  Of course, wasn’t Sony trying to feed us something about how they were still planning to continue the Amazing Spider-Man franchise about 2 weeks before the announcement that they were going to make nice with Marvel Studios?  I’m just sayin’…

FX ordered Legion to series.  Legion is based on the character David Haller, who in the comics is the son of Professor Xavier.

Rick Famuyiwa has been reported to be the new director for The Flash movie.

Here’s a little more news about the future of the DCEU, including movie names and additional release dates.  Anything strike your fancy?

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