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Daredevil Season 2 Follow-Up: Foggy Nelson

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Continuing my series on Daredevil season 2, here are my thoughts on Foggy’s role moving forward.  I would have put this under last week’s article on “Team Daredevil,” but I really wanted to be able to go into as much detail as necessary on this one.  Considering where his arc left off, there are a number of exciting possibilities for him moving forward!

Foggy Nelson

Foggy’s next appearance could work in just about anywhere.  We already know that Hogarth will be appearing on Iron Fist, so perhaps she will bring her “junior partner” along.  This would fit in nicely with their efforts to work supporting characters from the different Marvel Netflix series into each other’s series—Brett Mahoney appearing in Jessica Jones, Hogarth appearing in Daredevil, and Claire working her way into all the series.

Most likely, in his next appearance, Foggy will still be on the outs with Matt, considering the way that season 2 ended.  However, at some point I think Matt is going to realize that he can’t be a lone vigilante for long without going crazy and that he needs the support system that Foggy and Karen both provide.  I doubt that they will restart Nelson and Murdock, but they could work together again at Foggy’s new law firm.

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The Law Firm

In the comics, there are actually a surprising number of lawyers who are either themselves super-powered or work with superhuman law.  The two who have already appeared in the MCU are Jeri Hogarth and Matt Murdock.  However, the second-most-well-known super-lawyer (after Daredevil) is definitely Jennifer Walters, a.k.a. She-Hulk.

In a couple of her most recent comic arcs, Jennifer Walters actually found herself working for the law firm Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway in their superhuman law office.  Essentially, this is an entire office specializing in the nuances of law which affect superheroes.  For example, in her first case, Walters helped a newly-created superhuman to file a class-action lawsuit against the Roxxon Corporation for making him all-around a physically better person.  Later they enabled Spider-Man to testify in court without removing his mask by verifying his identity through the Avengers’ database.  They even set the precedents of allowing a man’s spirit to testify in court and using time travel as part of a self-defense case.  These are things which ordinary lawyers would never even consider doing, but which become a natural part of life when the world is full of superheroes.

In other words, when New York has a bunch of superheroes running around and stopping criminals, someone needs to be able to take those cases to court.

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What Could This Mean?

Personally, I think it would be absolutely awesome to see something like this on Marvel Netflix.  We have already seen this play out on some level in all three seasons of Marvel Netflix to-date.  In Daredevil season 1, Nelson and Murdock used information obtained by Daredevil as part of their investigation into Fisk’s activities.  At the end of Jessica Jones season 1, Hogarth successfully used the “mind control defense” to help Jessica avoid criminal charges for killing Kilgrave.  One of the major plots of Daredevil season 2 revolved around the “Trial of the Punisher,” in which Matt attempted to justify the place of vigilantes in the criminal justice system and Foggy succeeded in sowing doubt as to whether or not Frank could be charged with a crime for his actions.

Superhuman law is actually turning out to be a “thing” on Marvel Netflix.  And Hogarth is uniting two of its primary practitioners in New York City at a single law firm.

After all, why else would Hogarth want Foggy over all the other qualified lawyers except for his experience with “superhuman law”?

There are two different ways that this can go.  The first is for Hogarth to take the lead as the partner responsible for putting together the “office of superhuman law” while Foggy does the primary legwork in trying cases and the like.  The second would be for Foggy to be the partner in charge of this office who recruits new lawyers and superhuman assistants who can do the actual work.  Between the two, I’m inclined to think they would go for the first option, in which Hogarth is still involved but Foggy does most of the work.

If they were to go in this direction, most likely they would need to introduce a number of new characters.  They already have one super-powered investigator in Jessica Jones; adding Angela del Toro (White Tiger) to the mix would be a good move as well.  If Matt doesn’t take on the role of “super-powered lawyer,” a good second option would be to actually introduce Jennifer Walters on Marvel Netflix as another lawyer with whom Foggy works.  They could add more over time (speedsters to deliver the mail (because why not?), for example), but this would be a very good start.  And even if they don’t go this far, Foggy (a lawyer with experience in superhuman law) working alongside a genuine superhuman at a law firm would definitely suggest that they are moving in this direction.


Does this mean that we are going to get an actual “Superhuman Law Office” in the Marvel Netflix shows?  No; until they actually announce something like this, this is just pure speculation.  But considering that they are trying to build a full universe here on the small screen, it is a virtual certainty that the legal system is going to continue to play a part in these shows.  And that means that these guys will need a lawyer who knows the finer points of the law where superhumans are concerned.

Do you want to see a “Superhuman Law Office” on Netflix?  Who would you recruit to it?  Do you want to see She-Hulk appear in the MCU?  Let me know in the comments!

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