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Daredevil Season 2 Follow-Up: The Villains

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Thus far in our follow-up to Daredevil season 2 we’ve talked about the heroes and supporting characters as well as Foggy Nelson and the Superhuman Law Office.  We are almost done talking about Daredevil season 2, but we're not quite there yet.  This final article will discuss the villains who appeared in season 2.  This may actually be the most interesting article of the series, because there are so many possibilities available for these characters.

Elektra and the Hand

This may be the most interesting prospect of all, as the season ends with the Hand in the process of resurrecting Elektra.  As I stated in my review of the Daredevil season 2 finale, I wasn’t too thrilled with the big reveal that “Black Sky” is basically just code for a psychopath who can lead the Hand in killing without remorse.  While it is interesting to think of yet another organization revering people with the ability to operate without any moral considerations (there’s a metaphor for corporate America in here somewhere…), it just doesn’t seem to fit with what we’ve seen so far from the Hand.  Frankly, I want there to be more to this “Black Sky” concept than they’ve given it so far!

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Consequently, my hope for Elektra’s next appearance is that it will expand on just what a “Black Sky” is in a much more fitting (and mystical) way.  And the best way to accomplish this may be with an adaptation of the “Shadowland” arc in the comics.  In this event, Daredevil becomes the leader of the Hand and uses them to bring a brutal form of justice to the streets of New York by imprisoning all of New York’s super-villains in a hellish prison called the “Shadowland.”  However, it is discovered that Daredevil has in fact been possessed by the demonic creature known as the “Beast of the Hand,” which the Hand worships as their ultimate leader.  The rest of New York’s heroes must work together to stop Daredevil and rescue him from the Beast.

I think an interesting direction to take Elektra, the Hand, and “Black Sky” is for her to take the place of Daredevil in the “Shadowland” arc as the one possessed by the otherworldly leader of the Hand.  This, then, is what “Black Sky” really means:  someone who is both psychopathic (without moral center) and mystically centered in such a way as to be a suitable vessel for the “Black Sky” demon to possess.  And because Elektra is more mature and has been trained by Stick, she is worthy of being resurrected, whereas the boy in season 1 wasn’t worth the effort and resource expenditure.

If they go this route, I think this would be a good “crisis” to bring the Defenders together in their miniseries The Defenders, along with other vigilantes we have met in the solo series such as Hellcat (Trish Walker (Jessica Jones)), Punisher, and the “Daughters of the Dragon” (Misty Knight (Luke Cage) and Colleen Wing (Iron Fist)), as well as other heroes introduced in the miniseries.  At the end of the miniseries they cleanse Elektra and free her from the “Black Sky,” and she goes off to figure out who she really is apart from Stick, the Chaste, the Hand, and Daredevil himself.  Meanwhile the Defenders decide that they worked well as a team and agree to continue working together in the future.

Alternatively, this could happen in Daredevil season 3 or The Defenders season 2.

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Wilson Fisk, a.k.a. Kingpin

At the end of this season, Fisk is still serving out his sentence following his arrest at the end of Daredevil season 1, which I was really clad to see, as it shows that there are real consequences in this universe.  However, “serving” might be a bit too generous, considering that he’s practically running the prison!

His final conversation with Frank made it quite clear that he is planning to serve out his sentence, be released, and rebuild his criminal empire.  He arranged for Frank’s release so that Frank could continue his crusade against the New York underworld, leaving them weak and divided.  That way when Fisk is released he will be able to easily pick up the pieces.  Before leaving, Frank promised him that the next time they met, only one of them would walk away.

Based on this, there are three definite options for Fisk’s next appearance.  The first is (obviously) in Daredevil season 3—assuming it happens—which at this point looks like it would happen after Fisk’s sentence is up.  The second is in The Punisher, which may come out sometime next year.  The third is in The Defenders, which will probably come out next summer.  Regardless of which series he appears in, my guess is that his role will be the same:  he works on rebuilding his organization, the heroes try to stop him, and they only succeed in crippling him temporarily.

Madame Gao

It hasn’t been announced just yet (though it’s been teased), but Madame Gao will probably appear as a villain in Iron Fist season 1 early next year.  The common assumption is that she is the MCU’s version of Crane Mother, an Iron Fist villain who is the ruler of one of the other Heavenly Cities.

As of now we don’t know exactly how she could fit into the story of Iron Fist, but one possibility is for her “business” in New York City to be the thing that draws Danny Rand back from his long stay in K’un-L’un.  She could become a recurring villain like Fisk, but she may just as easily serve as a quick side-villain who brings Iron Fist into the action.


One of the best things about the Marvel Netflix shows is that they are building a comprehensive universe in which all the characters interact because they all live in the same neighborhood.  This means that characters from one series can and do interact with characters from another series.  It also means that villains of one hero can menace a different hero, leading to greater character development for both the heroes and the villains.  I am really excited to see where this experiment will go and how these characters will change and develop over the course of their future appearances.

Which of these villains are you most interested in seeing again?  Which heroes do you think they should fight next?  What villains do you want to see in future Marvel Netflix seasons?  Let me know in the comments!

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