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AoS-Less Tuesday Discussion: Marvel/DC Crossover

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. entered its winter hiatus following the winter finale, “Maveth” (3x10).  There are going to be five total weeks without any new Marvel TV—Agent Carter will begin on January 19—so I am going to post a new discussion thread every week with a different concept for us to explore and debate.

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Background for this week’s discussion prompt:  You are watching The Flash on the CW and it ends with a portal opening and sucking a DCTVU character into it just before the final credits roll.  You then switch channels to ABC to watch Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the episode begins with a portal opening.

“That’s odd,” you think.  You stare for a moment before it hits you:  this is exactly the same special effect you just saw on The Flash.  An MCU TV character then gets sucked into the portal, and you realize that the DCTVU and MCU are crossing over on the small-screen.

Here’s the prompt:  Pitch a confrontation on neutral ground between 1 or more characters from these two universes which will occur on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  The characters can be heroes, villains, or a mix.  They can be from any show set in this time period (not Agent Carter… though I suppose you could cross AC with Legends of Tomorrow), or even characters who haven’t been announced but fit into one of those shows (theme-wise and budget-wise).  Also note that The Flash is only relevant insofar as it airs immediately before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  You don’t need to offer a plot for the fight.  The special effects must remain consistent with a TV budget, though it can be on the higher end; this would be a major cro$$over after all!

For my pitch, I guess I went with the low-hanging fruit, as I recall seeing this brought up somewhere early in the season, but here it goes.

The two character I am choosing are Kara Zor-El/Supergirl (to the best of my knowledge there’s no reason yet that Supergirl on CBS can’t be considered part of the DCTVU, especially now that they’ve made NBC’s Constantine part of it!) and Daisy Johnson/Quake.  I think this would be an interesting confrontation to see—and if you don’t think this would be a fair fight, I just have one comic for you:
Image Courtesy www.moviepilot.com

If she could take down Wolverine, I think she can at least give an largely-untrained and inexperienced Supergirl a run for her money!

This fight begins with both heroes disoriented upon finding themselves in unfamiliar surroundings on separate hills surrounded by a mountain range.  As Daisy is trying to regain her bearings, Kara spots her and immediately assumes that Daisy brought her there somehow.  Kara shoots into the air and attacks Daisy with her heat vision, but Daisy just barely manages to dive out of the way, sending a shockwave through the air in her direction that knocks Kara out of the sky.  Kara gets to her feet, pulls up a sapling by the roots, and throws it at Daisy like a missile, but Daisy vibrates the tree apart into kindling, with all the debris flying back into Kara’s face.  Kara incinerates the wood with her heat vision and launches herself into the air again, covering the 50 feet between them in a matter of seconds.  Daisy moves out of the way and causes an earthquake to open up beneath Kara just as she lands, and Kara’s feet get trapped in the earth as Daisy vibrates the seam back together.  While Kara works to free herself, Daisy retreats about another 50 feet and draws her handgun.  Kara finally frees herself and charges Daisy, who lets off two rounds at her, which just deflect off her chest.  Daisy then turns her powers on her and pushes Kara back while retreating.  Kara struggles through the pulses and slowly reaches Daisy.  The two engage in a hand-to-hand struggle, with Daisy dodging Kara’s punches and landing a few of her own.  Eventually, however, Kara gets her hands on Daisy and throws her to the ground on her back.  Kara pounces on her and is just about to blast Daisy in the face with her heat vision when she feels her heart pounding and realizes that Daisy’s hand is on her chest directly over her heart.

Image Courtesy
“You’re tough,” Daisy pants, “but I think you realize what I can do to your heart.”

“So what?  Did you draw me here just so you could kill me?” Kara demands.

“What are you talking about?  I was sucked into a portal-thing that opened up in the middle of the base.  I find myself in this—wherever this is—and you attack me.”

“I was sucked into a portal, too.  You were the only person I saw; I assumed you were responsible for this.”  Kara stands up and holds a hand out to help Daisy to her feet.

Daisy takes the hand and pulls herself up.  “So if you didn’t do this and I didn’t do this, who did?  And how do we get home?”

Kara looks up at the mountain range.  “There’s a tunnel system in that far mountain.  It looks manmade.  Maybe that’s what brought us here.”

“Can you give me a lift?”

Kara picks up Daisy under the arms and flies the two of them to the indicated mountain, where Daisy blasts an entrance into the tunnel system.  They fly in and run to the large cavern which Kara locates deep inside the mountain.  When they reach the cavern they find a large number of goons to fight along with a bunch of scientific equipment.  There’s a head scientist in the lab who tells them that he brought them from separate universes to become the first members of his super-powered army (eh, why not?).  He then shoots each of them with a mind-control implant, but while they’re in midair Kara melts hers and Daisy resonates hers apart.  The scientist panics and Daisy knocks him backward into a rocky outcropping, knocking him out cold.

Image Courtesy www.usmagazine.com
Kara and Daisy look around at the equipment and Kara “persuades” one of the scientists to explain how the portal machine works:  it modulates lasers to a specific frequency and projects them into the device which opens the portal.  However, it is damaged so that it cannot be turned on.  Daisy positions the input fibers on the two portal devices and tells Kara to blast them with her heat vision.  Daisy then modulates the two lasers to the correct frequency, opening the portals.  The two shake hands and jump into their respective portals.

As you can see, most of the plot for this crossover is not very well thought out; the most thought-out part is definitely the fight between Quake and Supergirl.  For your pitch you don’t need to go into a ton of detail, just enough to see how the fight would progress—and to show that either character would viably have a chance to win.

Put your best pitch idea in the comments!

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