Saturday, February 4, 2017

Weekly Review for February 4

Another week, and more MCU news!  Just like that, we've got all kinds of news about The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger, just ahead of their scheduled filming this month.  Put some ketchup on your eggs, and catch-up on your Marvel news!

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Cloak and Dagger officially has its leads:  Aubrey Joseph as Cloak, and Olivia Holt as Dagger.

Only a matter of days after announcing the cast of Cloak and Dagger, Marvel also announced the cast of its “sister show” (because, come on, they’re both about teams of misfit runaway kids with superpowers) The Runaways:

Rhenzy Feliz (Teen Wolf) as Alex Wilder
Lyrica Okano (The Affair) as Nico Minoru
Virginia Gardner (Goat) as Karolina Dean
Ariela Barer (New Girl) as Gert Yorkes
Gregg Sulkin (Faking It) as Chase Stein
Allegra Acosta (100 Things to Do Before High School) as Molly Hernandez

At some point we will find out more about the show, but knowing the cast does raise at least 1 interesting point.  The obvious change is from the original cast is the final member listed:  Molly Hernandez.  To me it’s pretty obvious that she is replacing Molly Hayes, the mutant member of the team.  However, it is (slightly) less clear why.  It could be a diversity decision, but the most likely reason is that Molly, as a mutant, has her rights tied up somewhere between Marvel Studios and FOX, and Marvel decided not to even mess with them.  So given that this is a totally new character who isn’t at all based on a pre-existing mutant character, how are they going to explain her superpowers?  Smart money says that she’s an Inhuman.

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DC is really killing it on TV with the DCTVU on the CW.  It’s up to four shows running simultaneously in 2 different universes (I assume Supergirl is still in a parallel universe), and it will reportedly expand with Black Lightning.  I have to say, the CW is really putting Marvel to shame on the small screen, at least from a shared-universe standpoint.  The closest Marvel has is on Netflix, but the Netflix shows do not air new episodes concurrently.  Of course, this could change if Marvel, ABC, Freeform, and Hulu find a way for The Runaways and Cloak and Dagger to share a lot of interconnectivity (which would be a nightmare to plan but seriously worth it).

The Han Solo spinoff movie started filming this week.

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