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Time to Look Ahead to Daredevil Season 2

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Now that I’ve gone through and reviewed all the episodes of Daredevil, this seems like as good a time as any to look ahead to what I want to see in season 2.  We know a few things already about season 2, which will factor into my choices for season 2.  However, there is still plenty more that has not yet been revealed about Daredevil season 2, starting with a release date!  Hopefully we will find that out soon enough.

But before we find out when we’ll see it, let’s talk about what we want to see!

The Punisher!

We already know that Jon Bernthal will be making his debut as Frank Castle, aka the Punisher, in Daredevil season 2.  But what does this mean for our hero?  I want to see Punisher start off as an antagonist with whom Matt doesn’t necessarily see eye-to-eye.  Punisher is a killer.  He only kills criminals, but he still kills.  Daredevil, on the other hand, does not kill—he doesn’t even allow people to die when he has the ability to prevent it.  I expect that this will see the two of them start off at odds with each other.  Matt may come across Frank in the process of killing a drug dealer and stop him, leading to a fight.  Matt may be required to defend Frank in court against a murder charge.  Either way, I don’t think the two of them will start off on good terms.

However, by the end of the season I expect to see them recognize that they are fighting for the same thing and decide to work together.  This may involve the two of them fighting together in the final battle of the season, or it may simply mean that Punisher tells Daredevil to give him a call if he ever needs backup.  This may even set up Punisher to appear alongside The Defenders in the miniseries in a couple years.

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Stick, the Chaste, Elektra, and the Hand

This might not be the main plot for the season, but this has already shown up for a couple episodes in season 1.  What is the “war” to which Stick keeps referring?  What is the Hand’s plan for New York, and what does that particular block of the city have to do with it?  The answers to these two questions could have dire consequences for Hell’s Kitchen, and Matt will probably want to put a stop to whatever they are doing if it threatens his city.

If the Hand return for season 2, they will need a new face, and I’m pretty sure that’s where Elektra comes in (played by Elodie Yung).  After all, according to Foggy she’s an ex-girlfriend of Matt’s, so she might have a score to settle with him.  This could be a way to push his character forward:  either he needs to face the consequences of his past actions or he needs to decide which is more important between his city and his feelings for Elektra.

Father Lantom and Matt’s Catholicism

Father Lantom was the only person in the show who figured out that Matt was the vigilante without actually seeing Matt in costume or pulling his mask off.  That’s pretty significant!  Plus, Father Lantom has connections to the larger Marvel universe; could he become one of the lynchpins that connect all of the Netflix shows together?  He serves as a supporting character of the Runaways, a team consisting of the children of super villains which Marvel has been talking about bringing into the MCU for years now.  If Marvel does finally green light a Runaways TV series for Netflix or ABC, Father Lantom would be a good character to use in building the connections between that series and the Daredevil series.

 I also want to see more exploration of Matt’s faith.  If he were to unintentionally kill a villain—or allow an innocent to die—what would that do to him?  Now that Punisher is going to be introduced in season 2—a vigilante who has no qualms about killing—the moral ramifications of killing a criminal may be at the forefront of Matt’s mind.  I think Father Lantom would be key in helping him reconcile the two parts of himself, working through the moral issues of Punisher’s actions, and learning to move past that kind of tragedy.

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Civil War

I the rumor of season 2 coming out around the same time in 2016 as season 1 did in 2015 is correct, then this season is going to come out very close to Captain America: Civil War.  What if there is some connection between the two?  Perhaps Matt has to defend himself against accusations in the press.  Perhaps there are calls for Matt and/or Frank to reveal their identities, register, and become deputized members of NYPD.  This could affect both Matt’s jobs—the vigilante and the lawyer.

There are 2 cases from the comics which could come into play here.  In one, he is hired to defend Daredevil, and he asks Spider-Man to put on his costume and sit in the defendant’s chair for him.  In another (which Charlie Cox namedropped as one of his favorite Daredevil stories), he is hired to defend White Tiger, and his defense of White Tiger turns into a defense of all costumed superheroes.  Either of these stories would make for a compelling connection to the Superhuman Registration Act and Civil War, though perhaps with modifications.  For one, he might need someone other than Spider-Man to dress up as himself (though since he will be introduced in Civil War, anyways…), so perhaps Iron Fist would be a candidate since he has dressed up as Daredevil in the past.  For another, instead of White Tiger they might decided to use an established hero—and the only ones they will have in Hell’s Kitchen by that point will be Jessica Jones and Luke Cage.  This could be how Daredevil meets the other members of the Defenders.

A third possibility is for the Punisher to become embroiled in legal troubles due to his actions in Hell’s Kitchen.  Matt is hired to defend him in court (adapting the “Defense of White Tiger” from the comics).  The city decides to make a deal wit h him to become an “official vigilante” in the employ of the city.  However, Castle does not want to work for the city and deal with all the legal wrangling, and he presses his lawyer (Matt Murdock) to find him a way out that does not involve registering with the city as an “official vigilante.”  This might be a little too on-the-nose, but it would be a good way to tie the events of Daredevil in with the larger happenings of the MCU and show us some heroes’ reactions to the calls for registration.

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Madame Gao and Iron Fist

It’s pretty clear that Madame Gao has more connections to Iron Fist’s universe than Daredevil’s.  However, he faced her first, and she is interested in his city.  Might she return in season 2, pursued by the champion of K’un-L’un?  That could be an interesting way to introduce Iron Fist to the Marvel Netflix universe and give Daredevil some more connections to the other Defenders.  It would also let them slowly weave more mysticism into the Marvel Netflix shows before Iron Fist arrives.

Again, I don’t think this will be the major plot of the season—it will probably be saved for Iron Fist—but it could be about as big in this season as Stick was in the first season.

Kingpin Takes a Back Seat

At the end of season 1, Wilson Fisk was in prison staring at the wall and contemplating the kind of man he wants to be.  Assuming that a year passes between season 1 and season 2, Fisk is probably still going to be working his way through the legal system.  And I really think that he should stay there, at least for one season.  After all, this is a major villain who’s been thrown into prison.  If he can just get up and walk out of prison for the next season, what are the consequences for villains in the future?  And considering that the entire first season was focused on Matt’s attempts to get Fisk arrested, allowing him to get out of prison for the next season would make that whole aspect of last season meaningless.

I’m not saying that Fisk should not appear at all in season 2; if he’s going to return, he’ll have to get out of prison at some point.  However, I don’t think he should be the main villain.  If he appears at all, Fisk should be operating behind the scenes (and behind bars).  In fact, perhaps the ideal would be to show him a couple of times over the course of the season, culminating with Vanessa orchestrating his escape in the season finale.

Instead of Kingpin, Daredevil season 2 should introduce another villain who can become just as interesting and sympathetic as Wilson Fisk became in season 1.  In fact, what if instead of a new villain, the focus of the season is on Daredevil, Punisher, and Elektra?  Both Punisher and Elektra can serve as foils for Daredevil’s different sides.  By playing the three off each other we can learn much more about all three.  At the end of the season, instead of watching Daredevil and Kingpin duke it out, we might see Daredevil, Punisher, and Elektra all fighting each other at the same time:  Daredevil trying to take Elektra in and keep Punisher from killing her, Punisher trying to kill Elektra and make sure Daredevil doesn’t get in his way, and Elektra trying to kill Daredevil for the Hand and escape from Punisher.  That might be the way to up the ante for season 2 over season 1.

So what do you want to see in season 2 of Daredevil?  What characters are you most looking forward to seeing?  What plotlines do you want them to focus on?

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