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Weekly MCU Review for 7/25

Another week, and more MCU news!  Ant-Man premiered last weekend, Civil War news is coming out, and Jurassic World has beaten The Avengers at the box office.  Put some ketchup on your eggs, and catch-up (*ducks*) on your Marvel news!

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Ant-Man came out this week, and I had a lot of articles related to the movie (I wonder why…).  First up, a couple of holdovers from last week along with a new one:  my Ant-Man expectations, non-spoiler review, and spoiler review.  Then an open letter I wrote to Marvel Studios about the Ant-Man opening weekend box office numbers.  Finally, an article about [SPOILERS]!  Have you seen Ant-Man yet?  What did you think of it?

Now that I’ve finished with Daredevil, it’s time to look ahead to Jessica Jones.  What do you want to see from the next Marvel Netflix series?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1, episodes 17, “Turn, Turn, Turn,” and 18, “Providence” retro-reviews.

Next up is the third part of my mini-series looking at potential members of the Secret Warriors team on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.  Next week I will have my thoughts for a Secret Warriors team.  Who do you want on that team?

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Ant-Man made around $58 million on its opening weekend, which is much lower than recent Marvel movies.  However, I don’t think that makes it a failure; far from it.

So according to Kevin Feige, the Ant-Man post-credits scene does take place partway through Captain America: Civil War, and Hope will not be appearing in that movie because they don’t want to do her a disservice with such a small role.  What do you think of this news?

Here is Peyton Reed talking about a possible alternate ending for Ant-Man.  To be honest, I’m really glad they went with the ending they used.  I wouldn’t necessarily have had a problem with the alternate itself, but I like the loose end it leaves.

And then here is Peyton Reed talking about the original opening sequence which showed Hank Pym as the original Ant-Man in action.  For as cool as the sequence sounds, I do agree with Reed’s reasoning for changing the opening.  Apparently they did shoot the sequence, so it could wind up on the DVD/BluRay release as a deleted scene.  My preference, however, would be for them to take the original opening sequence, S.H.I.E.L.D. footage Cross showed, Hank-and-Janet flashback scene, and any other footage they may have shot of Hank as Ant-Man, and then cut all of that together into an Ant-Man prequel One-Shot, sort of like they did with “The Consultant.”  They could even connect it to Ant-Man as a story that Hank tells Hope/Scott after the movie.  Or it could be Coulson and Skye discussing possible Secret Warriors recruits, one of whom is the original Ant-Man (whom Coulson knows all about because he’s such a S.H.I.E.L.D. history nerd).  What do you want them to do with that footage (if anything)?

Ant-Man has another high-profile fan sold:  George R.R. Martin!  I didn’t know he was a Marvel fan, but apparently he’s a longtime fan of the comics who had some concerns with the movie at first but he is not calling it the second-best Marvel movie ever, behind Spider-Man 2.  High enough praise?

Marvel announced this week that Avengers: Age of Ultron will be released on October 2 on Blu-Ray and DVD after becoming available digitally on September 8.  There is also a list of features that will be available—I think I’m most excited for “The Infinite Six” (the Infinity Stones) and the deleted scenes.  Which are you most excited for?  I’m not sure which I’m more disappointed about:  the lack of a One-Shot or that there is not going to be a #AoUDirectorsCut.  They really need to start making One-Shots again.

We didn’t get much Marvel news at Comic-Con, but to make up for it Marvel will have a presentation at D23 in August.  What are you most looking forward to from D23?

Here’s a picture of Spider-Man if he decided to take lessons from the Punisher!

Is this our first look at the Spider-Man suit for Captain America: Civil War?  Answer:  No (HT James Gunn).

Is this the first photo of Scarlett Johansson’s Captain America: Civil War hairdo?

So Sif is going to play a pivotal role in Thor: Ragnarok.  And according to Jaimie Alexander they’re going to be doing a lot to tease it in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Captain America: Civil War in addition to the teases in Avengers: Age of Ultron.  Excited for Thor 3 yet?

Here’s some further information about Ava Duvernay decided to pass on Black Panther.  Who do you want helming it?

Clark Gregg doesn’t know anything certain about his new hand, but he’s speculating that the one on the poster will be a temporary one.  What do you want Coulson’s hand to be like?

Chloe Bennett is getting into character for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 by getting a slightly shorter haircut which will be similar to Daisy Johnson’s hair in the comics.  And in fact, she is going to be embracing the name “Daisy” this season.  What are you most excited for with her character moving forward?

Wow.  Here are some comments from Brian Michael Bendis (one of the co-creators of the Jessica Jones character) absolutely raving about the upcoming Marvel series:  the tone, the casting choices of Krysten Ritter and Michael Colter, and just about everything else about the series.  There is one downside with this:  he didn’t say when we’ll get to see Jessica Jones!

Punisher on Daredevil season 2 will reportedly be epic!

News from Around Geekdom

Anything not related to the MCU that I find interesting

Do you want a giant Baymax bed?  I’m only surprised it took this long for them to sell these and that they’re only in Japan!

Marvel is going to be revisiting Spider-Man’s high school years in a new comic series.  Is this a hint for Spidey’s first MCU solo movie?

There is also going to be a new Black Panther series connected to the upcoming relaunch.  Excited?

Quicksilver will get a (single) scene in X-Men:  Apocalypse, but it will be even better than last time.  I guess only getting one scene is the downside of having such a massive cast.

Do you want to see a crossover between the X-Men and Fantastic Four?

So Tyrese has met with DC about a role.  Do you want to see him as John Stewart?

Jurassic World has officially passed The Avengers’ box office record.  Have you seen it yet?

And hot on the heels of that news, we find out that there’s a Jurassic World sequel coming in 2018.  Was there any doubt?

Emoji: The Movie.  Is Sony insane?  I mean, more insane that we already thought they were because of this… and everything else we’ve found out about their Spidey plans?  I mean seriously, what kind of plot can you create from Emoji???

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