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Weekly MCU Review for July 11

Another week, and more MCU news!  Ant-Man is just a week away, Comic-Con is in full swing, and there's a lot of rumors swirling for DC, X-Men, etc.  Put some ketchup on your eggs, and catch-up (*ducks*) on your Marvel news!

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First up for the week:  Rumor Has It” that Marvel is having trouble figuring out Iron Fist.  What do you think Marvel should do with him?

At long last, here is my review of Daredevil’s season 1 finale, “Daredevil.”  What was your favorite part of season 1?

Next up is the second part of my series looking at potential Secret Warriors, these from the comic book team.  Which ones do you want to see?

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 1 reviews:  episode 13, “T.R.A.C.K.S.,” and episode 14, “T.A.H.I.T.I.

Here is what I expect to get out of San Diego Comic-Con as far as Marvel is concerned.  What are you expecting from the weekend?

Excited about Ant-Man but not interested in going back and watching ALL THE MARVEL before watching it?  Here is a quick guide to help you figure out what has happened in the MCU up to now.

MCU News

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A little more information about Scott Lang’s past is coming out via another viral news story, along with still more Civil War teases.  Do you like this marketing strategy?

It looks like Black Panther will be remaining neutral in Civil War.  Surprised?

Would you like to see Rachel McAdams as the female lead in Doctor Strange?

Marissa Tomei is reportedly playing Aunt May in the new Spider-Man.  And she might be making her debut in Captain America:  Civil War.  What do you think of the casting?

According to Joe Quesada, the new Spider-Man costume looks awesome.  Can the rest of us see it already?

So we can cross one candidate off the list of potential Black Panther directors.  Disappointed that Ava DuVernay won’t be directing it?

Here is our first look at Coulson’s cybernetic hand for Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. season 3 on the Comic-Con poster:
It’s not the most exciting-looking thing in the world, but I’m pumped to see the real deal!  We also see Bobbi geared up for a fight.  And Simmons is there, so that’s something.  I’m assuming that the season premiere will answer the question of what happened to her.  What are you most excited for in season 3?

Here’s an announcement out of Comic-Con about Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Secret Warriors:  the Inhuman Lash will be appearing on the show (but we don’t know any more than that).  How do you think he will fit in?

Agent Carter season 2 will feature multiple recognizable villains from the comics.  What villains do you want to see?  I’m thinking minor Captain America villains—particularly those connected with the Communists.  That seems like the most time-period-accurate guess.

Hayley Atwell may or may not have revealed that Howard Stark is going to be back for season 2.  Do you want to see more of dear ole dad?

Daredevil season 2 is already filming, and there are some set photos on the web.  Are you pumped for season 2?

Elodie Yung is going to play Elektra in Daredevil season 2!  She’s a half-French, half-Cambodian actress with a black belt.  Even though she’s not actually Greek, she definitely looks Mediterranean to me.  Excited?

And here’s a promo for Elektra:

Well this is interesting:  Wesley Snipes is in talks to return as Blade in the MCU.  I’m not sure how I would feel about that.  On the one hand he reportedly did very well in the part; on the other hand, does that lead to questions about continuity between the original Blade trilogy and the MCU?

News from Around Geekdom

Anything not related to the MCU that I find interesting

Guess who the richest superhero in the world is.  Answer.  I can’t say I’m surprised.

So at this point it seems almost certain that the Fantastic Four will not have their own series post-Secret Wars.  Disappointed?

The Guardians of the Galaxy animated series will premiere on September 26.  I assume this is part of the Disney XD Marvel Animated Universe, but I’m not sure.  It certainly looks interesting, and includes among others the Inhumans.  Are you going to watch?

Do you want to see a Storm spinoff movie?

Taylor Kitsch, meanwhile, was never given the option of starring in the Gambit movie.  Surprised by the news?  Did you like him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine?

Huh.  So apparently David Ayer personally created Captain Boomerang’s hairdo for Suicide Squad.

Ben Affleck is now reported to be co-writing and directing the new Batman movie.  Are you interested?

Apparently Superman will be showing up on Supergirl, but he will be an “unseen character.”  Do you like this way of dealing with the “Last Son of Krypton”?

Hot on the heels of Marvel’s huge post-Secret Wars announcement comes a response by DC:  they are bringing back a whole bunch of their classic characters.  Which are you most excited for?

And in other DC Comics news, Batman’s going to be teaming up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  What do you think of this idea?

Star Wars news:  The first anthology film, Rogue One, will include Darth Vader (here are some additional rumors about that one) and the second anthology film will be about young Han Solo.  Which are you most excited for?

A ton more Star Wars news is coming out Friday evening.  First, several cast members and characters have been confirmed.  Then, Rogue One is scheduled to begin filming early next month.  Which are you more excited for?

Chewbacca’s getting his own comic title.  Are you curious?

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