Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Savage Land Is on Its Way!

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Marvel’s Savage Land is coming to theaters this week!

Wait… what????

Yes, you read that correctly:  Marvel’s Savage Land is making its cinematic debut this week, and no one realized it.

The movie:  Jurassic World, the semi-soft-reboot-slash-sequel of the Jurassic Park series.

How can I possibly say this when no one has suggested it before now?  It’s actually pretty simple:  look at the cast.

There are at least FOUR actors from the MCU that are appearing in Jurassic World:
  • Chris Pratt (Peter Quill) plays Owen Grady, the Raptor trainer and one of the main characters
  • Vincent D’Onofrio (Wilson Fisk) plays Vic Hoskins, the head of security
  • Ty Simpkins (Harley from Iron Man 3) plays Gray Mitchell, a kid who visits the park
  • Judy Greer (Maggie, Scott Lang’s ex-wife in the upcoming Ant-Man) plays Karen Mitchell, Gray’s mother
Add all of these coincidences to the fact that you’ve got dinosaurs running around alongside humans, and it sure looks a lot like the Savage Land to me!  Sure, they are saying that the dinosaurs are the result of genetic experimentation and cloning, but that probably sounds a whole lot better to the park visitors than “So, we happened to be wandering around the Pacific Ocean one day when we discovered an island full of actual living dinosaurs!  Who knew, right?”

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So, how does this fit into the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

It seems clear to me that Wilson Fisk must somehow have arranged an escape attempt following his capture and imprisonment at the end of Daredevil season 1.  However, he had to go on the run and change his appearance to avoid raising suspicion—after all, his face was all over the news for several weeks before and after his arrest.  Consequently, he chose to lose some weight and grow some hair and a beard.  And along the way, Fisk learned about the existence of the Savage Land and decided to take it over as part of his next plan.

However, the Avengers learned of Fisk’s escape and decided to send someone into the Savage Land (now renamed “Jurassic World”) undercover to learn Fisk’s plan and thwart it if possible.  Unfortunately, all of the Avengers are too public to be sent in; Fisk is smart enough that he would recognize them easily.  Fortunately, the Avengers have recently established communication with the Guardians of the Galaxy, who agreed to help them out by sending Peter Quill to Earth to go undercover as a Raptor Trainer at “Jurassic World” (because, come on, that actually sounds like the kind of thing that Peter Quill would try to do!).

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Meanwhile, without knowing all of this back story, Scott Lang’s ex-wife Karen Margaret “Maggie” Mitchell decided to send her kids from her first marriage—to Scott Mitchell (apparently she has a thing for guys named “Scott”)—to the lost-continent-turned-theme-park.  One of these kids is Gray “Harley” Mitchell, who helped Tony Stark while he was on the run from the Mandarin 2 years ago.  While in the Savage Land—I mean Jurassic World—however, Harley—I mean Gray—gets lost when the clear circle pod he’s traveling in gets attacked and broken.  While on the run from the dinosaurs, Gray/Harley meets a baby sabertooth tiger whom he befriends and who protects him from the dinosaurs.  Along the way, Gray/Harley discovers that the atmosphere of the Savage Land/Jurassic World has unlocked his latent limited telepathy, allowing him to communicate with animals on a limited basis.  Thus, Harley becomes Ka-Zar.

Do you think this is what they are planning to do with Jurassic World?  Would you want them to do this with Jurassic World?  Let me know in the comments!

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