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All-New, All-Different Marvel: The Rest

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 Marvel announced last year that they would be completely rebooting their universe following the Secret Wars/Battleworld event. As part of this reboot they are going to be focusing on some new and altered characters, particularly those whose TV and movie rights are owned by Marvel Studios. This is leading Marvel to focus its efforts on promoting the Inhumans while downplaying the mutants, as well as to the splitting up of the Fantastic Four, with Human Torch joining the Inhumans and the Thing joining the Guardians of the Galaxy. So because the All-New, All-Different Marvel is going all-in on Marvel Studios properties, I started to wonder if some of the other characters in the A-N, A-D Marvel might be getting a push for a future movie or TV appearance. As such, this series will look at all the characters in the All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup whose live-action rights are owned by either Marvel Studios or Sony and who have not appeared in a movie yet.

Some of these are characters I’ve written about in the past, so I will include links to those articles and only provide relatively brief summaries.

If there are any additional characters that you would like to see me cover in this series, let me know in the comments.

This is the last article I expect to write in this miniseries. In this one I’ll cover all the remaining characters owned by Marvel or Sony and which are getting their own titles in the All-New, All-Different Marvel lineup. If there’s one you expected to see but haven’t seen, check either of the team articles, linked at the bottom of the page. If you think I missed someone, let me know in the comments!

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Angela is a unique character in that she was not originally created by or for Marvel Comics. Instead, she first appeared in the Spawn comics as an angel working for Heaven against Spawn. However, her rights were later sold to Marvel Comics, which worked her into their universe. Oh, and I think at least part of the reason she’s so popular is because her outfit combines the aesthetics of a dominatrix, a stripper, and slave-Leia!

In Marvel Comics, Angela (Asgardian name “Aldrif”) is one of the Angels, the residents of the “Tenth Realm,” named “Heven.” However, in reality it is revealed that he is the long-lost sister of Thor and Loki, thought dead in a war between Heven and Asgard. Odin had banished Heven from the Nine Realms as punishment for killing his daughter, not realizing that one of the Angels had rescued the baby and raised her as an Angel. Once her true lineage is revealed, Angela is banished from Heven and leaves to wander the universe.

Angela has many of the same attributes as other Asgardians: immortality and superhuman strength, speed, and the like. In addition she is a trained warrior and carries a huge sword. She can also fly.

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I can definitely see Marvel working Angela/Aldrif into the MCU—and it can be done fairly easily. Of course the obvious option is for Angela’s full back story to be adapted into a future Thor movie: the Angels from the banished Tenth Realm of Heven declare war on Asgard, and the war is ended when Angela’s true parentage is discovered. However, the easier option would simply be for her to be introduced in Thor: Ragnarok as Thor’s sister. They would need to explain away her absence in the coronation scene from Thor, but I suppose it would be easy enough to say that she was in the crowd rather than on the dais. Regardless, they could slightly alter the character by saying that though she received training in the martial arts as a member of the Royal Family, she chose to eschew the life of a warrior and devote herself to other pursuits. This all changes in Thor: The Dark World after Frigga’s death (uh… spoiler?) when she demands that Sif train her in the way of the sword. When Thor: Ragnarok picks up, she is a skilled warrior second only to Sif. Oh, and I really don’t think Marvel Studios would keep the same costume for her, as they have consistently chosen functional suits over non-functional stripper outfits for their heroines. Sorry, guys.

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Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur

Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur is a reimagining of the Devil Dinosaur comics which featured Moon-Boy, so I will have to talk about Moon-Boy here, though I’m not sure how much of his history will carry over to this iteration of the character.

Moon-Boy is a member of a tribe of hunter-gatherers known as “Small Folk” in a parallel universe where dinosaurs and humanoids live alongside each other. He discovered a female dinosaur and her three young who were being attacked by a rival tribe. The tribe killed the mother and two of the young, but when they attempted to kill the third baby their fire activated a mutation that changed his skin from green to red and gave him super-strength and human-level intelligence (because comics). Moon-Boy cared for the young dinosaur and named him “Devil” because of his red color. The two go on multiple dimension-hopping and time-travel adventures, eventually arriving in the mainstream Marvel universe in the present day. In the main Marvel universe they decide to settle in the Savage Land (a region of Antarctica where dinosaurs live). However, they are separated when Moon-Boy is captured by S.H.I.E.L.D., leading the dinosaurs of the Savage Land to invade America to reunite them.

Considering the popularity of dinosaurs (as attested by the popularity of Jurassic World), it would certainly be possible for Marvel to introduce Devil Dinosaur and Moon-Boy/Girl into the MCU. I’m not entirely sure how they could have gone unnoticed thus far (Devil Dinosaur is, in fact, a giant red T-Rex, after all!), but the Savage Land (or its equivalent if Marvel Studios doesn’t own those rights) is a possibility. In terms of where they could appear, I think a movie is really the only option. I mean, does anyone think that they could create a realistic live-action dinosaur on a TV budget? ‘Course, The Flash did a gorilla, so…

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Red Wolf

Red Wolf is a persona adopted by a number of Cheyenne Indian heroes from the 18th century up to modern times. From what I can tell, this particular Red Wolf is Johnny Wakely, the first recorded Red Wolf. He is a Cheyenne child adopted by a white couple who witnesses the murder of his parents by American Indians in a retaliatory strike. He struggles to find a place in the white world because of his heritage, but also struggles to find a place in the American Indian world because he was raised by whites. He is eventually visited by the spirit of a Cheyenne wolf god and given the abilities and outfit of the “Red Wolf.” He uses these abilities to foster peace between native and white populations.

Red Wolf is a skilled warrior and marksman with superhuman strength and the like. He is also the first American Indian superhero in Marvel Comics.

From the standpoint of diversity alone, I think it’s a pretty good bet that Red Wolf will appear in the MCU sooner or later. Based on his abilities he could appear just about anywhere; super-strength and marksmanship aren’t exactly big-budget powers! As far as where he could fit in story-wise, however, I really don’t have any idea. I think Marvel could work him into Captain America: Civil War as a superhero who represents his people, similar to Captain America and Black Panther. He could fit into Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fairly easily as another superhuman that S.H.I.E.L.D. keeps tabs on. He could even receive his own period-set movie after Infinity War or Netflix series after The Defenders.

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Silver Surfer

I almost didn’t include Silver Surfer on this list as his live-action film rights are owned by FOX as part of the Fantastic Four property. However, considering that I talked about the Thing, Human Torch, and Galactus in my article on MCU Teams, I suppose I may as well talk about the Silver Surfer now.

The Silver Surfer is an alien named Norrin Radd who made a bargain with Galactus to serve as the Devourer’s herald and find planets for him to devour in exchange for Galactus’ promise to leave his home planet in peace. Galactus accepted the bargain and gave him a portion of the Power Cosmic as well as his surfboard to aid him in locating planets which Galactus could then consume.

When the Surfer came to Earth, he met the Fantastic Four and was so taken with them that he chose to rebel against Galactus and drive him away from Earth. Following Galactus’ repulsion, the Surfer became a superhero on Earth and one of the original members of the Defenders (along with Namor, Hulk, and Doctor Strange).

The Silver Surfer is granted a ton of powers by the Power Cosmic, including flight, space travel, matter conversion, energy projection and manipulation, and about a zillion others.

The Silver Surfer (and Galactus) could easily be fit into the MCU, particularly on the cosmic side, if only FOX wasn’t so darn stubborn about holding onto those precious, precious Fantastic Four movie rights despite their obvious inability to actually make a Fantastic Four movie. However, with this latest colossal failure, maybe they will be forced to make peace with Marvel, giving us a chance to see the Avengers and Fantastic Four together take on the Devourer.

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Starbrand and Nightmask

Star Brand and Nightmask are a pair of cosmic-ish-powered heroes who played pivotal roles in the Marvel NOW! event. Both characters are like avatars granted special abilities by a certain glyph. The glyphs only appear when the world is about to experience what is called a “White Event,” a cosmic event which grants certain people superhuman abilities. The Star Brand and Nightmask wielders are supposed to guide the world through this transitional period.

The Star Brand glyph grants its possessor infinite power. This particular Star Brand is a college student named Kevin Connor who accidentally destroys his college when the glyph manifests on him. Connor eventually joins the Avengers.

Nightmask is an artificial human created on Mars by Ex Nihilo, a “Gardener” charged with perfecting any life which he encounters. Nightmask joins the Avengers and Star Brand in defeating Ex Nihilo to prevent him from destroying and re-making life on Earth. Eventually all three (Star Brand, Nightmask, and Ex Nihilo) join the Avengers as regular members. This Nightmask has the ability to communicate with and control technology, as well as the ability to project energy blasts and generate portals.

While both of these guys could conceivably appear in the MCU at some point—and their virtually unlimited power would be a definite asset against major threats like Thanos—I think in their current form they may be too powerful for the MCU. That’s not an automatic disqualifier, however; they can be depowered slightly to bring them a little more in line with the power levels of the other characters. Alternatively, they could remain as virtually-omnipotent as in the comics and instead either be used sparingly or introduced to show the rest of the heroes training them.

As far as where they could appear, I don’t see it happening in anything less than an Avengers movie, perhaps in Phase 4 or 5.


So now I’ve gone through just about all the characters in the All-New, All-Different Marvel line-up—excluding those owned by FOX and those who have already played major roles in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Of the characters in this particular grouping, I think all of them could potentially appear in the MCU, though Angela and Red Wolf are probably the most likely to appear.

From looking through all of these characters, there really isn’t a ton that we can say for certain. There are very few who are a “lock” to appear in the MCU. Many would help to change things up substantially, but would carry with them a risk of upsetting the balance in the MCU. However, one thing we can definitely say for certain is that Marvel is in no danger of running out of potential characters. And if some of these characters start to appear in the MCU, they will really change things up!

Which is your favorite of these characters? Which do you really want to see in the MCU? Are there any characters that I haven’t talked about and you want to know more about? Let me know in the comments!

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